Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Starting over

Some times you just need to start over , take it all down and try again , I have some patching to do , but that is very minor.
I have been bothered by this dining room wall arrangement . I have tried and tried to make it pleasing , but I have never really achieved the look I wanted , which is why I think it is good to take what you have and re-arrange , it costs nothing, it's re-design. Here is the before which I have shown before . I was even considering changing the wall colour , but now that I have found a happy arrangement I will not do so , I love the blue and white.
As you can see I have a hall that runs along side this room , so it is more of a nook than a room really , I will at some point tackle the ceiling . I am considering a grid pattern for the ceiling ,it needs to be very tight to the ceiling as the headroom coming down the stairs will be effected .

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