Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Come on in and see what has been taking up all my spare time I am finished besides a tiny bit of touch up painting, oh I have got to change that register , it is an eye sore .
I repainted the cornice thingy over my daughter's bed because the knots were bleeding through .
I decided to keep the bed the soft green , did I tell you before this was a bed that I shared with my sister when I was very small, I always loved it , my brother broke it and it was written off by my father ,but turned out it only needed a little rebuilding and pine slates and voila it has been the perfect little girls bed .

I finished adding new baseboards and casings , it has really helped add some pretty white detail to this cheery room . Some day I will add pine floors and paint them white.
I never wanted to show you the old curtains that covered the closet , they were not my best work , I reworked the bedding to make for a prettier ensemble. The chandelier was a plain and ugly black one I bought 9 years ago and painted pink , the shade were plain white shades I covered with chenille and trim as well as these beaded flowers , I love the shades , they are one of my favourite things.

So there it is , I hope she likes it for a few more years to come I dread having to change it , it brings me joy .

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