Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spiders have taken over just in time

I have been accused by my gentile daughters that my Halloween stuff is too cute , not creepy enough , so I stepped it up a notch , I went with the interior as opposed to the outside because it is really cold and has been unusually windy , and Mason is having friends over on Friday to join us for trick or treating.

I really went for it with the webs , I know I will be swearing this decision is a few days I assure you .

And this , this tiling , the bain of my existence , who's idea was this , oh me , right! these tiles are being difficult , I even considered hiring an installer , but no I can do this , I am the girl who does stuff . I have had to install certain tiles over and over because they seem good but due to the natural unevenness the tend to pop , I have just rolled with it , back butter , I know that is always the way , lots of good adhesive and we seem to be swinging now . The tile saw I had gave up after 2 inches of cutting , I don't mind renting a great and powerful saw but it has been cold cold , and water and cold make for a miserable me . All my uncut pieces are down , now I have to commit to the cut pieces , I wait for warmer weather , its below zero right now , which is 30 something I think, yeah cold. Come on sun warm it up out there.

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