Friday, October 24, 2008

Tile removal more

I was over watching some wonderful videos at The Lettered Cottage where I was inspired to fill the baskets on my candle holders with some sea shells , seaside is not a summer scheme at least not to me , the beach never closes.
I successfully removed all the tiles , what a messy job , I was feeling tough and sweaty and removed( mt thicj) =my thick rubbered gloves to clean up only to slice into my hand with a broken piece of tile ouch , that sure did bleed , lesson#1 wear gloves at all times during tile removal.

I decided my tools need a daddy , made the work much easier.

Happy to rip out tile and happier to have scored High School Musical tickets while the girls were at school won't they be thrilled.

I am thinking , posting and rushing do not go well together.

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