Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Join the Party

I have joined the party over at Hooked On Houses , so should you .
What a wonderful resource to get your house fix too.

Sometimes I am little slow I think I get it now , I need to share here what I am hooked on , well that would be home decorating , and not pillow fluffing as some designers would refer to decorating as , but adding character to a home that was built without any, I love to add features , rip things apart , poke holes in walls ,you name it I will most likely try it . If trying the Reno's will get me the house I dream of then the work is worth the efforts, I love to transform furniture , paint pieces and re-upholster , tile and add mouldings. I take great pride in the fact that I have taught myself the home improvement skills I now have, and now it is like I am hooked at times I need my "FIX". I have a small pile of tiles waiting to be installed , I just need to tackle tile removal , never done that, maybe this time tomorrow I will have.
Since my computer is down I can not show you all of my fun projects but please browse around and see just what I can do , as well check out my other blog www.ckinteriors.blogspot.com which is a great place to see my skills ..
As well I am for hire , through the Internet or locally.

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