Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Pottery Barn Shopping Incentive

I just had to put together some of these wonderful inspirational images, I love the graphic quality of the black and white.
Nothing is wrong with this room . White walls and sofa perfect.
I am crazy for this huge A and the green trunk.
I am in love with this tailored sofa, and the two small tables.
Look , look painted floors I love painted floors.


Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Ha! As if I needed incentive to shop at Pottery Barn! Good thing the closest one is about an hour away from my house! LOL! Thanks for sharing the photos. They are all gorgeous! Congrats on your appliances too. You inspired me to take another look at my picture in my kitchen. I hand't looked at it in a while...

Rascallion said...

What a beautiful selection. Makes me yearn for summer even more. Love the blog too.

Katrina said...

I don't know what's been going on with PB lately, but I love it. I used to just enjoy their catalog. Now, it makes me drool.