Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shop till you drop

Shop till you drop is not normally a phrase I would use, but I think we did well today , I let the kids play hookie with me today , they promised to be good , and they have been.

My plans for the day were to hunt down these pop shopped pops , we love the vintage appeal and colorful flavours , lime ricky and pineapple , not exactly common pop flavours , we call soda "pop" here in Canada I think they call it pop in Michigan too , could be wrong.

Aren't they festive , we are going to put them in buckets of ice on the deck , the labels are painted on so no worries of label loosening. In case you are from my region I got them at Zellers which is like Target for those wondering , where I also spotted these charming old fashioned glasses , in my blue , and on clearance , don't you just love a good clearance item.

They are from House & Home , many of you have enjoyed images from their magazines , can't do much better than $4.00 for a box of glasses now can I .

I also hit the dollar store to find loot stuff , this was also on my to do list , I picked up these great pink plastic buckets , well you can see the rest , I will re-label those aero bars with something more personal , I will show you how it all turns out . We have a short guest list this year so i am going to try my best to make it extra special .

Lovely streamers for fun .

Paper sphere's to hang from the umbrella.

I plan to serve many snow cones , I picked up this machine by "back to basics ", I love this brand , I picked it up on sale and at Zellers again , it makes two cones at once , a real time saver.

So looks like we are nearly ready for this first party , just need to make an ice cream cake work on the menu and all the other details.

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