Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Easiest slipcover ever!

Here is my super easy lamp slipcover I made , this will easily slip on and off for me to change when I feel I need some change, maybe a chenille one for the winter , who know's , I see more lamp slipcovers in my future.

I liked the back side of the fabric with its more subtle coloring.
This was such an easy slipcover to make , I simply traced a section of the lamps frame and then made myself a pattern by adding a half inch seam allowance, I than cut out 6 sections of fabric , I then centered and pinned the pieces to the lamp shade all the way around each section then I pinned the seams together to create a snug fit cover ,I then removed the fabric and sewed it with my sewing machine , trimmed the seams and trimmed the edged with my scalloped sheers and slipped it onto the lamp , easy peasy.

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