Thursday, June 3, 2010

lightening up again

I have wanted to lighten up the drapes just for the summer season , I picked up these linen look cream drapes in the as-is dept at Ikea for $15.00 a panel. All I have to do now is sew up the drapes for the living room which are about 15 foot tall ...

I caved , I got a ceiling fan , just a simple white fan for a mere $10.00 on kijiji no light , I don't like fans with a light at least I haven't found one I like for under $600.00, that's just me , we got it installed last night , and I will have to admit that I really enjoyed the air flow last night , it made all the difference, the temperature in our room is way too warm in the summer even with the air conditioning on, we have used the fans on stands previous years but I hate them , they are really noisy and too strong , but this ceiling fan was just what the room needed to cool it a little with indirect air movement .
I think it still fits with my beachy style , at least I think so , the funniest thing was that our dog Moe did not know what to think he kept barking and barking at it , too funny.

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