Monday, June 14, 2010

Promising weather ahead

We have been getting lots of rain after a dry spell , the grass is green and the plants are growing , the pool has not been used in about two weeks it has been so rainy. Hoping for some more dry warm weather today is looking promising.

My older brothers wife brought me some of her beautiful peonies from her garden, they look so pretty with my green lanterns , that was so sweet of her.

I have been spending many long stretches painting the lattice of my fence with a little brush , it is painstaking but necessary , it makes such a difference, although it has been a lot of work to paint the fence black it really creates a nice backdrop, I debated about doing it for all the work involved but I am so glad I took a chance on it , now painting lattice trying not to ruin the neighbours side , well I don't love that .

Soon I will take paint brush to the pergola , I think I will give it a try this week , it seems to be dried out enough to me .

In family news my first born daughter Mason has left just this morning for a class trip to a sleep away camp , I loved camp I know she will love this little taste of it too, there are many adventures planned and I hope she has an amazing time , I am sure I will hear lots of drama and stories when she gets back , do you know how much sleep away camp is , holy cow , its expensive , I wonder if Mason will request to go for longer, we'll see.

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