Saturday, June 19, 2010

One hour to party time

I think we are officially ready , I finished the cake this morning , it is different from what I thought it would look like , I was planning on combing the side but I liked the rustic look of the piped on icing instead , it has an old fashioned messy look but I like it , and most importantly Sophie likes it too , drawing on that flower was scary.

My mom was able to find these crystal pops , they are so hard to find , she found them at the Zoo of all places.

I made this little bag out of scraps of flag fabric , I was thinking of making fabric loot bags but Sophie didn't like them at ALL , so this one made a nice straw holder with a big glass inside .
We are going to have a whole lot of fun , the weather isn't really co-operating yet , it is plenty warm and humid but lightly raining here and there not horrible but not ideal , I hope it clears up soon .
Have a great Saturday .

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