Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A fresh new look

I did it , I can't believe I did it , all in one day , I was completely covered in paint splatters it took quite a soak to get it all off.
I love it all white its just right , but it so needs a second coat which will go on much easier than the initial coat of course.
Won't it look great all dressed up for a party with these sweet flags below , Sophie cut them all out for me , now if I could just find some time to sew them up ,and some little loot bags which I will do with the same fabrics , don't know what will go inside them quite yet , any good suggestions I am open....

As soon as I saw these bright Kaufman fabrics I knew they were perfect , our name is Kauffman too 2 f's one n, Sophie got a kick out of that , she is so excited for her party , she didn't get one last year , Disney trip , so I really want to make this one special for her .
I also have to make an ice cream cake , I am going to make one as close to a DQ one as possible , damn peanut allergies , I think I will go to McDonald's to get their soft serve , that will help make things easier a little cookie crumble and fudge sauce and a little whip cream icing , that should do it right !

I also must say I love love my new blog design , I used their new templates , gorgeous and pulled together a new header with more recent project photos , couldn't have been easier , took me about 20 minutes , a nice fresh new look , what do you think ?

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