Friday, June 4, 2010

My heart breaks

These images make me gasp with deep sadness , I am in shock that this oil continues to pour into the beloved ocean causing unimaginable destruction , these poor animals, I feel so terrible for all those affected , the people and the businesses , it is too devastating. I hope this is a real wake up call ,to the people who profit from all this oil the fat cats , shame on you !
I would like to say that this was no political statement but a human issue for me my sadness was for the poor innocent animals and those who's lives are impacted because of this spill , obviously there are many sides of this issue and many people of which to point to blame , I am happy to see people make a living and to profit , I just wish accidents like would not happen causing such harm and I think things need to be made safer for all , I honestly hope there are lessons learned , I really did hit a nerve , don't worry I will keep it light for the most part as usual , don't forget this is our ocean these waters connect us , it is ours and our children's too and is ours to take care of .That's all!

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