Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Party wear out!

The Candy party was a great sucess , all of Mason's good friends and lots of sweet treats were served, glad it went well but I am sure glad birthday's are over for the year, they have worn me out! Customized treat bags .

Swimming , hanging out presents and candy and more candy , that is all this party needed to make Mason's day .

I personally loved the chocolate covered strawberries , yummmm

Instead of a cake Mason requested cake pops like she saw on Bakerella , they turned out OK at best , I think I learned a lot , and I need to find edible pens if I ever try this again .

Mason's great sweet friends , peaceful too .

Sophie bought Mason the nicest purse , everyone loved it , apparently she won't let me borrow it.
A left out little sweetie , a few spilled beverages , one fall {for me chasing the dog out of the mud , which I fell in} , a couple of crazy hyper dogs {they must have been feeding off the energy} , and somehow one very badly burnt lamp shade that nearly went a blaze , all in a day .
Cheers for now !

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