Friday, June 18, 2010

Ok I just missed flag day ...I couldn't resist making sure I made enough of these festive flags , they are so fun instant party mode.
I shouldn't be even near this computer , here is how my list goes for the day .
clean bathrooms done
grocery shop done
make menu for tomorrow on the fly kinda done
make DQ quality grade ice cream cake done
go to party packagers for more loot and beach balls on sale done
mow lawn no it will cause a mess
buy treats for party done
make marshmallow pops done
maybe make cake poppers never mind thats too much
finish painting fence lattice nah not today
make snow cone syrup done
more cleaning done
shower done
maybe paint two lamps working on it
cut dogs nails done
bathe dogs done
go see table for sale , can't resist $40.00 must see it in person saw it didn't buy it
make sure pool is clean done
make chalkboard easel for party sign at the sidewalk done
decorate party sign done
make sure Sophie cleans her pig sty room done
get air mattresses blown up for sleep over this can wait till tomorrow
wrap gifts done
pick up one last gift for Sophie done
I NEED a helper ....must recruit husband I think
For those of you with out kiddies yet , does this open your eyes a little , and no one pays us for this job of mommy , huh ! however I wouldn't do all of this if it wasn't important to me , I love making memories and all the details hope it doesn't make me a basket case though .

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