Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Raw food

I wanted to share with you my new morning smoothy , doesn't it look yummy , all green gritty and chunky , have I sold you ?
Lately my health has been a challenge after months of activity stopping headaches my doctor has decided to just get me in for an MRI just to make sure there is nothing bad causing them , actually they have stopped , I have tried to slow down and take it easier than I was and it seems to be helping , which is great , because that was just in time for the worst case of seasonal allergies , my allergen is grass , it just ruins me . It has taken a few tries and some super high doses of medication but I think I have got it . Aerius and nasonex nose spray , this combination makes me feel whole again for the most part , what a drag to have to stay inside when we are having summer weather and the flowers are all in bloom , I want to enjoy it.
Now I am having one more crisis which I will keep to myself , a health crisis , which has lead me to take drastic measures which explains my beverage , it is called Greens plus , it is a dried powder of super healthy things many of them green, this is best on an empty stomach to let it soak right in ,other than that I have decided to put myself on to only raw food until this crisis improves , thankfully it is fruit season , so I can enjoy cherries and grapes and fresh carrot juice, yummm , I need to get my insides in shape ,I will be seeing the doctor soon , until then you can find me in the produce section .Wish me strength on my raw food journey , I'm gonna need it .

I found the cutest basket yesterday it's perfect for the powder room to hold toilet paper .

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