Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do you remember these invitation bags of candy for Mason's candy themed party , well we are officially counting the days only a few more left , I am so thrilled with the candy bar that is coming together , see at the bottom of this post.
Here is a picture of how my back facade looks today ,after two years of work , below is how it used to look , a little flat don't ya think?

Can you spot all the changes.

Before the shutters , looking a little blah now that it has shutters. So yes I did build the shutters from old left over fence boards , I scrubbed them down and then added a fresh coat of grey stain , the same stain I used on the shingles in the front and back of the house. Now my house has as much "curb appeal" as the front , maybe my back neighbours will let me design the backs of their houses too ... doubt they are so inclined , I know I am one of a kind , actually I am not , through blogging I have found there ARE others just like me.

I got those hinges I needed to make my freshly built shutters look more functional .

I ordered this lovely floral fabric from Tonic Living after seeing it here at Rambling Renovators.

Getting ready for another birthday party , the candy bar is turning out nicely, I should throw big people parties I love this stuff.

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