Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wreath making

{I see my wreath needs a little more fussing }
Even though the Christmas season has seemed to be in full gear in these parts as far as outdoor decor and lighting goes , I am one to drag my feet with Christmas decor , I like it , don't get me wrong , but I am in no hurry to get Christmas started and to beat the excitement out of it by starting it all too soon. I figured since I was in need of a new wreath this year that I could easily get started now to the Superstore grocery store I went to see if I could find ornaments that would suit my color preference, easy peasy!

After finding the balls I wanted in shades of lovely blue and silver I shook off the basic wreath which I store in my garage , it was full of saw dust , big shocker ! the next step was to hot glue the top pieces to the unbreakable balls , don't want to loose too many over the season you know {that tip I read on Eddie Ross' blog} , great tip.

I then took green floral wire and attached balls in groups of three , alternating the designs and attached them to the wire frame of the wreath.

The basic wreath I use over and over again , I have never bought a completed wreath I love changing the designs year after year , this wreath must be 14 years old now.

Tubes of unbreakable balls $4.99 a tube , amazing , no?

floral wire and pliers to cut the wire, spring loaded pliers my fave tool, one of my fave tools.

And the perfect wreath hanger for $2.99 also from the grocery store , it has jingle bells and the underside is lined with foam... brilliant.
Well that is it my new wreath , what do you think ? I need to give it a little re-shaping , but I am am always on the go go go to be to worry about perfection, and for those who keep asking , I do sleep a little , probably not enough ...
Thank you all for your lovely comments about my open basement stair makeover and my faux transom project , it is so encouraging to hear your warm and wonderful comments , I appreciate all my friendly readers , and love to know you have stopped by , it warms my heart really it does , I get so many emails and I love to hear from you , so please keep writing , it is always nice to touch base ,
Warmest thanks,

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