Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mission accomplished

I thought I deserved some beautiful flowers for my newly brightened dining space , sometimes you just need to do these things for yourself , have you received flowers lately , why not treat yourself "well "?
I found out why I could kill the electricity , I have installed dozens of fixtures , I simply switch off the light switch , and have NEVER run into trouble until today , well it turns out I mixed up my switches , I had the up stairs hall light off , but it was the switch to the right of that one , my bad ! , it all makes sense now .... I may just try again , its just faster that way , can't give up after one electrocution now can I .
I took my friends advice and poured myself a glass of wine , that makes two lovely "girl" dinners in a row , my two girls and me , it would be nice to have my husband at dinner too but the timing just doesn't compute...maybe some day it will ?
We enjoyed conversation and laughter , it was very refreshing.

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