Monday, November 9, 2009


There is a slim chance for a person to out grow a peanut / nut allergy , in case you are new my youngest has a peanut/ nut allergy , can't eat them , can't eat things with trace amounts , her first peanut ended up with paramedics at the house and resulted in the single most terrifying 7 minutes of my life, watching my almost 2 year old while she suffered a reaction to the dreaded peanut , watching her struggle , sweat , get confused , instant fatigue ,develop hives on her face and ram her hand down her throat in an attempt to try and get that one single peanut out of her body all while wondering if THIS was the moment , the moment that would take her ....such a horrible experience , I remember every second , the call to 911 , waiting and looking for help time crawled , checking on my baby to see if her throat was closing, watching things go badly, it was so awful.
But we have managed this allergy very well over the last 6 years , I am very conservative in this one aspect of my life ,this dedication has served us well, I do not take chances with what goes into her mouth , only when we have been out has she had another reaction or even a close call, thankfully all mild, compared to the first. It has been a long time since her last reaction , and after hearing my own doctor has outgrown his own nut allergy , for no apparent reason , I think it is time to check . There is only a 20% chance that one will out grow such an allergy , it is time to see if things have changed , that day is tomorrow we will go through skin testing and I would like her blood tested as well to see her numbers, wish us luck , it would be such a great day , and a changing day to quote good old Dr Phil....if the allergy was gone ...

I will let you know how things go , I will admit I am nervous .......we will deal with any outcome but are hoping for the best.

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