Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carpet issues and flesh wounds

{ I do notice how the nosing doesn't match the floors that was my first staining attempt many years back it will be fixed}
There is this little spot just outside the powder room that leads down to the basement , it has always had carpet , no biggy , but lately I have thought that's just not right, it should be wood ... Out is comes to get ready for change ...I found just the right oak flooring in the color I desire a dark chocolate shade with a satin finish , perfection, one box outta do it ? cross your fingers...

I have grand plans for next spring , as I am prepaired to sand down the living and dining room floors to deepen the stain and give them a fresher look ... they are looking a little rough around the edges if you know what I mean.
I am also ready to remove the runner , it is time for it to go , which will mean me sanding down the stairs and filling holes and repainting the treads and adding some extra trim work to the staircase, ? I think it sounds like a good idea, but bare stairs can be scary , when the girls were small it was there in case of falls , but they are big now ... my husband expressed his concerns , ok , I am open to new runner , a wool runner , it is just this synthetic one has seen better days.
Well this morning the house spoke to me , I was tired and trying to make my way down the stairs , when my feet came out from under me , now is that a sign or what ? I ended up obviously bruising my legs and hiney , and cut open a big chunk of my foot , twisting and bruising my wrist and palm of my hand , and that was with a runner , so its a no brainer the runner stays and gets replaced , I don't need to be hit over the head now do I ...I get it

embarrassed and sore

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