Sunday, November 8, 2009

Such a busy weekend de-dumping the basement

I found this great dresser on Kijiji for a song , I loved the configuration of drawers and the lines of this piece , especially the legs with wheels. The veneer is in rough shape so i just took my sander to it , and added some more character and then a coat of wax to buff it up, the drawers are so deep its great, it just needs new knobs. It is so easy to move with those wheels , right now it holds clothes but it may just make a great TV stand for the new in planning stage "lounge " for the kids in the basement but painted black. I had finally had it with our basement , it is mostly unfinished , well in fact none of it is finished completely at all , but it is time . We had quite a pile of rubbage collecting down there , it was over due for a major clean , my hubby admits he does not like manual labour , go figure ! , but I was able to get him to clean out the basement with some supervision from me of course , after all I knew what had to go , what had to stay , what went to charity , what could be sold , and what could be recycled , it wasn't all simply trash...which reminds me I need to make a trip to the guy who recycles building supplies tomorrow .

After cleaning the basement out my attention turned to finishing more of my "office/workroom" I installed some fire proof insulation and then today spent the day cladding one more wall, with the help of Sophie , my 8 yr old , we painted this wall in about 15 minutes flat , the help was great . The lights look great don't they , I couldn't wait to see them up , even though they are not wired in at all ...

I have been looking for a laundry tin for about 6 years now , I finally came across one at Winners a couple of weeks ago , I am not quite sure what to keep in it , but it is a nice prop.

I picked up this "as is " frame from Michael's a while ago , it was only $6.00 , I had no idea what I was going to make of it but I knew it would come in handy , well I am going to make it into a great memo board for over my desk area , I think in linen , and I am thinking I may paint the frame as well , a great project for this coming week.

This is what it looks like when it is slipcover washing day , normally they are not washed all in one day but would you believe that all three couches needed washing , a ravioli accident got the two in the family room , and this morning dog barf got the third sofa , what a drag.
I installed two white wooden curtain rods in the laundry area for air drying items , so useful , even for big items , I could have used a third today.
More workroom pics to share tomorrow...

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