Thursday, November 12, 2009

In case you missed it I changed my dining room light last week, which I love but it is only candle lit and I was wanting more of a multi function space and electricity was the answer here is the post if you would like to see .
I was left with a lovely candle light fixture , where would it go? I got it on my 3oth birthday trip to Toronto with my husband a few years back so it does have sentimental attachment for me , I was not going to part with it .
I had thought of hanging it in our front room with its 16 foot ceilings , with an extension rope and pulley , but that had a few challenges and it was a back burner idea for sure .
I have always thought a light in our family room on the v-groove ceiling would look great ?
Would it be in the way ?, after all tv watching is a daily occurance, that tv of ours is above our fireplace and it still works just fine in fact the fixture is not in the way at all.
I worried that there may not be a joist right were I needed it , but there was , and I had a hefty hook just lying around , and if it didn't look right I could just fill the hole and touch up with paint, I never let the fear of holes stop me from trying new things.

Isn't it just right ? I can switch it out with my green lantern as I feel , it will also be a great space to hang decor for parties, what fun ...not to mention those occasional power outages.

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