Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to customize kitchen drawers for next to nothing in less than an hour

Remove and clean the drawer , and get rid of any unnecessary items .

Cut simple pine or poplar to the lengths you want to fit the items going into that drawer , move them around as needed until you get the best layout.

I screwed these in from under neath , you can also use corner brackets , this way is easier and cheaper , I used 5/8 screws .

Leave some room for flexibility , I left room for parchment roll and more baggie space in the next zone if needed. Group like items together , I have a great spot for measuring tools which used to be all over the place , it was always annoying to try and find them, not now. I like to always keep the extra left overs from take out like straws and napkins why toss it when it can be used later? now they have a dedicated spot.

I kept this drawer simple , and flexible by not screwing these pieces in , to allow for adjustments .

There little organizers are from Ikea and started this whole organize the kitchen kick , they have a sweet pattern and are metal , I also screwed them in so they won't shift.

I am amazed at how much joy really organized spaces can make me , tidying only lasts so long , these spaces will last a life time.

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