Thursday, November 5, 2009

Installer be ware !

We saw a light fixture at a posh furniture store years back , it had little mirrors , so I went and got myself some circle mirrors and glued them into the metal roses , adding a little modern edge ...

I have never pulled away from installing lights , after all it is easy as long as you have the power turned off , well I will confess that today I may have earned some true fear when it comes to electrical , the problem was that this light has two switches and I thought both switches in the down position would OBVIOUSLY mean OFF ! wrong ! I found out the wrong way , got zapped , way ouch ! but I pushed on figured it out turned the switch, and yes I thought I had turned the breaker off , yes all but that one switch of course. So not one to give up I did end up installing my old light and it works , but look at this gaping hole I was left with , it's OK I have a plan...but first I will show you how it looks

Here is the before , a lovely fixture , heavy metal but it is only for candles , and although it is pretty and i do love it , I was craving light , like light bulb light . I removed the medalion , roses , what was I thinking ? it was 8 years ago people...

I have been searching for a new light but nothing has called to me yet , so I figured for now until I find the perfect light , these things take time , no need to rush , I would install my former bedroom light .

I would like it a little lower but the wired were trimmed because it was installed over my bed , this is as long as it can be, but i think it is cute, and most importantly it brings me light , lots of light .

I patched the holes and they look pretty good , doesn't matter though because I plan on adding tongue and groove paneling to this area shortly , like I did here.

I need to find some simple fabric to make some slips for the ladder back chairs , won't that be cute?

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