Wednesday, November 11, 2009

While cleaning the basement I found a little treasure , this is a Kraft cream cheese form , I was given a few old boxes like this years ago , what a great spot to keep my chalk beside my chalkboard.

Trying a new shade of brown in a desperate attempt to cover my greys , and trying a new part , feels so strange to change my part, looks like I need to go spend some time filling in those skimpy eye brows of mine , a little lip gloss might serve me well also , geezzz!

Its getting chilly at night , my poor little dog was shivering , so out came the matching hoodies , Dolce runs away when I bring it out , but I know better , he needs to keep warn , Boston's bellies end up being bald after a couple of years so cold weather is not their friend.

you just see how happy he is , can't you ?

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