Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Memo board idea turns to peg board

That little chair is growing on me , I think that vintage print is kinda quirky , I used a third panel of Ikea clearance drapes I had to cover the closet door , I just am not ready to commit to a door style quite yet , this will do just fine and it looks good with that chair....

So the memo board turned into a peg board , I don't need another memo board , this will keep things easily with in reach , I feel so organized , it is so nice to see my things spread out in the open ...

These are all my favorite tools that I regularly use .

So if you come across a big empty frame grab it if its a good deal because chances are you will come up with a use for it , I'm sure.

I used hot glue and staples to hold it in place. I taped and the seam to cut it then removed the tape and hot glued the seam at the back to reinforce it .

Tools I used , staple gun , hot glue gun and jig saw.

I used a jig saw to cut the boards to size , this material is so easy to cut , I bought two small sheets instead of a big one , as it wouldn't have fit in my car and i didn't feel like waiting to get it cut , it cost $6.00 for both pieces of peg board.

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