Thursday, May 8, 2008

Power of imagery

What can I say I am feeling very blessed right now to have arranged it possible to order my dream appliances, the stove I have now is getting to the point of embarassing, don't open the drawer because it can not be closed at least not by me , I love a smooth top , I hate unusual amounts of cleaning , and smooth top prevents needless grime build up. The seal in the door is falling , the drawer doesn't work , annoying and frustrating , but I am sure its fixable. I am happy that I found a home for both of my functional yet not desired appliances , a couple who is in need will get them very soon, for now they are using a hot plate for their cooking, so I am sure what I see as a pain they will be delighted to have , I listed them on craigslist , I got an enormous response , so if you have appliances to sell ,use craigslist for a sure and quick sale. I will give this fridge a detailed cleaning before they come to pick it up .I didn't want to take anything for them as they were going to someone in need. I just didn't want a junker to profit from them . Its a win win situation really.
I saved $842.00 on these appliances , I waited for them to be on sale , I used $100.00 worth of sears points , the pst (tax) $192.00 was waived because the fridge is very energy efficient , and when I bought the delivery was waived $50.00, so happy to have gotten such a big discount .The sale price alone saved me $500.00.

Now I wait , and prepare this is the last step in updating what was a plain basic kitchen , it is so close to my dream.

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