Thursday, May 29, 2008

Now that's a big refrigerator

Here is the current look of my kitchen , I have my stainless steel appliances, I have such respect for good movers, the delivery guys were so good , the Home Depot team a couple of heavily tattooed guys came in and got right to business removed the doors and drawer , oh so carefully , we had some tight squeezes, one guy grimaced when he saw my kitchen door way , but it fit just so , everything was flawless, the stove came about an hour later by the sears team , they had a much easier task but were equally efficient and careful. There is my tile feature all exposed after 4 years behind the old stove, finally , it was a long wait.

As you can see I have some work to do , I will create a cabinet to house the glorious fridge. My husband had never seen these appliances, and he was impressed so glad too , because he hates the micro I picked.


After: WOW My little daycare kids were here as well as my husband , the little ones were so excited, who knew, they even did a happy dance about it .

Last night I fretted and fretted that this fridge was going to be too big , I was really worried I had made a mistake, but it fits in just right , phew!
I love this picture it looks like dueling fridges , easy to see the winner here.
The stove is so nice , and fast , first meal on it Kraft Mac and Cheese, of course.

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