Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pretty paisley

After trying the floral curtains and getting Sophie's thumb down I took them down , maybe I am bored of the existing drapes I have always had those and they are safe , I like the striped carpet in there is brings life that room , I know its the fabric on the chairs , it has been there for two years and it doesn't jive with the carpet , it wasn't costly fabric, most likely cheap knowing me . I took the girls out with me after work , didn't tell them we were going to the fabric store they always balk about that , and after looking and looking there it was the perfect fabric, a linen polyester paisley in all my colors and the perfect background blue, it will look so good , I ran out of steam last night after detailing my fridge freezer, so I will do that sometime today , I will surely show you later.

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