Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is the umbrella I settled on not white but a soft sage color, it is 10 feet wide and has very thick fabric for a fair price, Ikea didn't have a big enough umbrella for my wants and this was local at JYSK , slight problem is that pole is so thick it won't fit into the stand I have or for that fact any other stands, so I am in need of constructing a vice for my umbrella, I would have loved to get right to that , but despite the 4 day long weekend and the fact that I should be enjoying getting loads finished it is raining and raining and cold, but I did assemble the rocking chair which was an awful experience, the holes were to small and I needed to ask my husband to help out as my arm was swelling and becoming useless, the table will wait until tomorrow , but an umbrella find and the chair assembled as well as the grass cut before the rain it isn't a complete wash , and as well I have one more day off , why do these days go by so fast.
The scheme changes a bit , white wicker dining chairs , I found the fourth at JYSK and it was white already so I have a kick start there, the table will be white or maybe stained wood ???
the other tables white , and black accents , blue and green fabric , oh who knows maybe it will turn out more eclectic and less perfect we will see.

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