Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back up , this must be some kind of sick joke...

I am so upset right now , I got the mail to find a horrific sight , a return slip for my fridge I am waiting on, I feel sick to my stomach still, I called and freaked out , how can this happen , no one spoke directly to me prior to making this decision , this was made in error to a request I had made to customer service regarding which exact model I had purchased one with or without ice making, after my inquiry I called back to make sure everything was on track it was until today , 7 days before this is to arrive, the manager assured me after I had a complete meltdown that she could order one to the store and deliver it locally , why did I need to flip out to get some help, I am not a big reactor , trust me , and if it weren't for the fact that because of my daughters peanut allergy and therefore that fact that I am baking the wedding cake for my mother's wedding I would not normally freak out , but I have this obligation as well as 6 people to feed on any given day and a nice man coming to take my current fridge away to help a family in need he has been patiently waiting now along with me . Unbelievable, they will get me a loaner fridge if they can't get mine in time , great but that is sad to say the least.

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