Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pink room treasure's

Bamboo blinds , what can I say about them , I really love them , they convey a lovely summer feel, I put these up last night , we had originally been roller blinds when we first moved in , they broke over time and I hadn't gotten to replacing them until now, probably over a year it took me , Sophie often had her drapes drawn to give privacy and that created an obnoxious pink glow beaming out of her room. I let her choose white bamboo or white blinds , she chose well grasshopper.
There are so many things I love about her room , like this painted S and the canopy , that used to be over her be, but we moved things around for a fresh look it is now over her dresser, keeping her bed on an inside wall.
This plate that I picked up at an outdoor antique market , it is so pretty , I think that might come down to the kitchen some time soon.
These little keep sakes on her shelf, the painted puppy , picture of cuddling daddy , the tin birdhouse and a fairy painting I did for Sophie when she was 2 as a Christmas gift.
I picked these little cross stitch plates up at the Goodwill a long time ago for pennies.
It is so fun to have a playful pink little girls room to decorate, I am dreading the day she wants to change it .

The still to do list in this little room is flooring,
white painted floors ,
all the trim work ,
and closet doors, they have curtains ,which I am beginning to really hate.

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