Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wedding outfit

there we go , the pink I wanted and some sparkly black, the boys will be wearing black or dark suits so I thought it would look nice for me to be as well, I will also have color in the flowers. All set then . I needed to find full length slips for the girls , they don't seem to make them any more, so I got a small camisole for Sophie and large for Mason , I think they should work for that added bit of coverage, we'll see after school.
These shoes are my jumping off point , so pretty ,grey patent leather . I will have pink toes as well.
These silver grey tuxedo pants are a lucky find, I need to get them altered though they are a bit big.
Sorry blurry , but it is a black pinstipe , I just need to find great necklace for it , pink or silvers I don't know , any opinion?

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