Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Backyard wish list

I am putting together my wish list for my meager backyard m we are finally after 5 years deciding that a deck can provide what we need , a clean floored area to sit out and have summer morning coffees and late BBQ dinners , and to extend out living space outside , there might as well be a cliff out our back patio door since there is no patio , or deck , but what we do have is patchy grass and mud, dog burned spots, a swing set and a lot of filth. I would love to sit out on a lovely deck and rock , I love rocking chairs don't you . This one from pier 1 .
This is the deck that converted me from a deck hater to a more open minded to try deck person, I love the stained floor and white railings , its clean lined and attractive, I will not go with glass but I like the look.
This is the style I will try to achieve this weathered Nantucket is perfect to my sensibility.

This is the railing style I will go for out of ease , I would love a real dining space and some coverage over just that .
I like how this deck is close to the ground it is just nicer to have a clean surface, grass always seemed so easy until I owned some , it is a skill and a science to grass looking good , and I don't like it that much to make the effort no do I believe in using all those chemicals.

Tell me about your wonderful deck, what can I not forget to add, I have never really had one.

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