Sunday, May 11, 2008

Deck framing

Happy Mother Day to all. I hope all the mother's out there had a special day , like without kids fighting , fat chance right but one can dream , I slept in as much as I could , my bladder is like clockwork and is set to early school morning 6:30 awful I know, I gave the kids and hubby two suggestions for gifts I saw I would like , just to be helpful of course, so they all went out to shop, when I got a call 30 minutes later, asking for a repeat of the description of the thing I had told him about , so its white window mirror thingy ??? no black window with matting and blue and white "art paper" ......hear sales girls laughing in the background , too funny . Those sweet people got me both things , I am very lucky to have a loving little family.
Fast forward to giant welt on one of my children's ears , so huge , from another remains nameless child throwing a plastic hollow pork chop at her for teasing , ah Mother's day ... who new hollow pork could pack such a punch .

Progress is a good thing , this is going to be my new room, my outside room , it extends 5 feet to the left as well, so it is about 16x12 , we double laminated the beams and hung the joists 16" this has more structure than our floors inside , two more weekends and we will be all done.

I finally decided to pull out the Mother's Day card , and request that we start some of the work today , and we did , there are about 50 different ways to build a deck , so we went with one and learned along the way , it is a very solid structure , and level so far, it is tricky for our space as our house is very low to ground level and the soil it pure rock and a nightmare to dig. It is coming along , I wore my poor husband out , I wanted to go and get the deck boards but he looked spent so I backed off . On the down side it started out ok , mild and not sunny , and became the windiest day I have ever had to spend outside , ugh!
That small little deck I am planning on building into a stage for the kids , with framework to hang side panels from , look out neighbours, my kids have karaoke....

I also got a ground hound , it is an upright weed puller , what a dream , just place it over the weed , step down pull up discard ugly weed, I must have pulled 150 , where do they come from , I hate weeds.
All in all it was a great Mother's Day , spend with the family, doing things and getting stuff accomplished.

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