Saturday, May 17, 2008

It is not complete but certainly usable , loads of seating , we have quite a few decor items thanks to my mom she got me the wire plant basket and another I have not yet installed , I moved the stars above the door , and found this most beautiful lantern , it is steel and gorgeous , these wicker chairs we have had for almost the whole time we have been together , 17 years very soon, they were dining chairs at one house, then wrap around outdoor porch chairs , then kitchen table chairs, they have been in our basement storage since I built the island 3 years , and now they will be outdoor dining chairs , we just need one more. I need to build a dining table and get an umbrella as I decided against an existing gazebo shelter thingy the size was too big and it was off center and that would drive me crazy as well the colour is taupe and that isn't right either .
I think I will try to find a white umbrella, and paint the table white as well, and the small side tables I will paint black. So that will make it black and white with blue accents.

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