Monday, February 25, 2008

Sarah , Tommy and the crew

This is Sarah and co. idea of a country space, the shell is a tent , a wood frame tent from somewhere near the Yukon, all the suppliers are Canadian , I missed the info card for this space, can you believe that. The line up was long long long, but so worth it. FYI Sarah wants the next big color to be APRICOT I love this art , I could use a few of those. Lovely neutral sofa , and gorgeous pillows , of course. A great mix of modern accessories and rustic as well as traditional pieces, Sarah says she does not intentionally pick some modern some traditional , she just picks what she likes, boy she just has a great eye.
Sorry the photo is so fuzzy , I had a rude woman behind me venting that I was making the line move slowly, old bag.

I love this bed how inviting, I love an upholstered bed, what a wonderful fabric. Note the Canadiana the plexi moose above the bed. Is that man kneeling at the bed she has created?

Here is a great example of glass counters , so intense in color, you can use it anywhere. Ok I am seeing it now , in my kitchen. A little windex or even better water and vinegar.

In the US you can find Design Inc on Fine Living Channel Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 pm.

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