Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What did I start?

Things are coming along in the family room, I am not sure about the pale grey color for the wall change , as it is cool and the blues are cool, perhaps I need some warmth , I am think a nice cream color, now the search is on for a cream, I can not say enough how important it is to spring for those small pots of paint and try good sized sample boards around a room, its worth saving a mistake and choosing a color that won't make you happy. My settee decision has also changed after buying a yard of robin's egg blue linen look fabric, it had a lot of gray in it , but clearly it was not right, I need a more neutral fabric, a linen look yes, but in a sandy beige as to blend in with the other pieces in the room, I will play with fabrics with pattern on the pillows. I am very happy with the table and the roman's, the wall decor and painting black the mirror. I also updated the lamp shade on the floor lamp it is a green Channel type woven , I might embellish it a bit more , but there is time.

I have dismantled the desk chair that the springs were all a mess, it was so gross , I don't know how old this chair is as it was a garbage pick up , about 8 years ago, the woman threw out a perfectly good and solid chair because its cream fabric was soiled, so I have had it in toile , and this stripe, of course, and now is time for its third makeover under my ownership, I am still waiting for a quote from an upholsterer , it's taking longer than I think that it should have, however after pulling all the horse hair and springs and staples and nails out of it it is ready for a rebuild , but why springs? I will build it like my dining room chairs, cut a piece of plywood the shape of the chair, crew it from underneath and buy new foam and it will have a foam seat much more my speed. I will use the blue fabric I picked up for the settee , but the back of the chair will remain the stripe and all the front pieces will be the linen type blue, with nail studs, probably in black. I really love this chair , and it was free , what could be better.

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