Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There are times when I can not leave things alone, well this is one of those times, when I bought these stars I had intended to change their color I never liked the red and black finish , but I listened to my husband because he voiced that he really like them, so I waited and decided today was the day for change, what was there to lose, nothing , just as I had intended, one is a lighter blue than the other and the sanding of the edges brings out the lines. See below for before photo.
And never forget if you see something while shopping and love the lines of a piece, photo frame to table , don't be afraid to paint it , chances are if you like the item and not the color you probably be hard pressed to find it in the color you would have liked , so do some work .
Here is a little drawing of my plans, for the beam ad brackets , I have never done anything like this , should be fun.

I had the most wonderful four days off, I was mostly lazy and didn't get anything like laundry or cleaning done, oh I painted one wall in my bedroom to see if I truly liked the color, all of the sudden at 4:00pm yesterday I decided after toying with buying all new match stick blinds for the family room that I should just add this fabric that has been waiting for me to use it, I am glad I did that is what I needed the punch , the contrast, and I saved all the money buying something new and using something I already had, I know it was the amount of work it takes to get this job done that held me back . Now I am not sure if changing the wall color is what is needed? I have decided to install a beam to visually seperate the family room and kitchen , I will use these brackes to dress up the new feature, and remove the lumpy ceiling , and add crown moulding to that part of the ceiling and perhaps coffer it as well, we will see how that goes. The beam will go right across following the cheese texture, that will have to wait for spring.
Here is the before of the blinds, beige linen look romans.

This fabric was partially tagged for the settee, but I have pondered long and hard that the settee needs to be redone , preferably with a slip cover, in a pale blue shade, either a heavy canvas or velvet if I can find it , this is the first piece of furniture that when wearing out does not warrant throwing away , it is a great settee and solid so I will have to have it revitalized, I look forward to that . The search is on for fabric.

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