Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today's Interior Design Show

Mason was sick with strep throat , so this was not the family affair it was supposed to be , but I did manage to bribe my youngest with a Webkinz accessory for her to join me, I know sad but true. I will say it was great ,10 years and I have only made it to the last two. So many amazing things , wonderful suppliers for people like myself about to start a design business, inspiring and even fun for a 6 year old, when was the last time you saw a inflated igloo or could go into the middle of velum drapery panels all artistically displayed, or stand beside the largest lamp we have ever seen, and walked through some of the best Canadian designers showcase spaces ever seen, and see gold fish really friendly goldfish. A feast for the eyes.
This is a beautiful piece of ceramic,done by
Here in Brian Gluckstein's design house were even a bowl of goldfish.
Canadian House and Home had a most beautiful room , I loved it .

I could find a place for those raspberry colored velvet chairs.
A perfectly incorporated work area , and still beautiful.
Well this metal chair I can go on without , Sophie was shocked by it.

How funny is that , now seriously who would want that or could move that ?
The highlight was having Sarah Richardson come out to speak , the place was over flowing with fans , standing room mostly , there was seating for 700 and there must have been double that there.
I love this light , how fun is that , feathers.
Brian Gluckstein always does these double height rooms with libraries, signature detail, this was the foyer.
This the living room , he suggests taking out spare bedrooms to acheive this look.

This is my dream stove , I would have to rebuilt my kitchen to fit it in and I don't do gas stoves so really I will never have it , but it is a beauty isn't it.
Yes someone has knitted sweaters for the bench and tree trunks, actually they were pvc pipe, again who???
These were brilliant , these little cubbies would be a great storage, arranged however you like ,as well they were painted enamel, I love enameled things.
This was the neatest thing I saw by a long shot, a corner of a house door, so clever. Outside view.

Inside view. Looks like a phone booth huh?

I can't get enough of this glass , the counters in painted glass the back splash and the whole shower , I can have more stripes, love it . ( the painted counters I didn't get a photo of )
These fantastic inflated igloos would be the best for an outside party , set up low lounge benches, serve some wonderful cocktails voila , Divine. Kids might enjoy these too ?

Tables with dedicate tipped spindly legs.
I am saving Sarah's version of a country space for tomorrow, it is so good it deserves its own post, good night all.

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