Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Appealing art.

I love Ballard design it has such great finds, and furniture, however thanks to the exchange , shipping and taxes , its not very affordable to buy from the states if you like I live in Canada. We do have Winners which is a TJMaxx company , and luckily for me I have found many things I covet online in my local store, it happened again recently I was spending a gift card that my Mother gave me for my birthday and came across this repro of a painting that both myself and my husband love, that doesn't happen very often , us liking the same artist, we don't buy design art the kind that is mass produced for decorating, don't believe in that at all, I love some photography and quirky paintings, Rodney White is the artist of these pieces he resides in Brooklyn NY, they are not only appealing to the eye but also have a lot to say , at least some of his pieces.
I also don't buy pieces for my home always having a place for them when I purchase , sometimes things need to be moved around, I will always find a place for something I love, or hey I can always return something that doesn't work , especially if it is a bargain.

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