Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Attempt at a tease


I am so excited to be finally attending my second Interior Design Show in Toronto in a couple of weeks, I had a fun time going last year with my husband and we will be attending again this year, on the 24th. http://idslive2008.houseandhome.com/index.php?secid=13&v=51 here is a little tease from Canada's top designers including Sarah Richardson and Brian Gluckstein, love them and have followed them for oh at least 10 years. http://www.interiordesignshow.com/2008/index.php

I will take lots of pictures for you all , this is simply part 1.

Take a look at all the exhibitors, all the newest interiors trends and products.

Sarah will be speaking on the Sunday so I will be there for that with bells on.

What advice can you give to any designers out there wanting to start their own thing?
"Know who you are and what you like. Be prepared to work hard to make a name for yourself, and don't expect to be an instant star. Nothing worth having in life comes without really working for it."

Sarah Richardson

Thank you Sarah

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