Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Things I have done to this room.
1. Added painted armoire
2. Painted and stenciled one wall.
3. Built shelf unit for Webkinz.
4. Painted and transformed chandelier, and made custom shades.
5. Sewed window roman and drapes.
6. Made bulletin board.

Still to do list.
1. Replace carpeting.
2. Paint bunkbed
3. Make cord cover for wire on light over desk.
4. Replace all baseboards and casings.
5. Crown moldings maybe???
6. Finish adding studs to message board.

Now that is a difficut bed to make, I don't imagine that I can push that issue, I was struggling, maybe vacuuming can replace the bedmaking. I don't mind doing it .
I can see that the carpet is all wrong in this room, it was builder carpet and it did not look rose but oatmeal in the show room, so it will go as soon as it can . I still need to finish the black studs on the bulletin board, easy project, as well the cord cover for the desk light , I will get that done soon. I had the builder remove the built in clost out of this bedroom, we had this large wardrobe which proveds plenty of clothing storage, it was brown and I painted it white , it is three doors wide removing the built in closet provided space for a desk and armoire and gives a feeling of more space than wall to wall closets could have.

I wanted to post a few pictures of my daughter's new bunkbed, it was a great deal and is much more solid than the origional one we had been waiting for. Thankfully the delays in shipment lead me to find this bed, now it is brown and I don't like wood finishes for much of anything , besides floors anyway , it will soon be a soft white color , not that I look forward to that momentous job, but it will look lovely and be worth the effort . So far so good the girls do not share a room but love to sleep together so these bunks are perfect for daily or speratic sleep overs.
I took this existing storage boxes and painted them and attached them to the walls , leaving a lot more space on her desk for yet more storage. I think this should work better, easier for her to get at the little bits inside of them. You could surely stack a great deal of these units, or run several horizontally for a great storage solution, cheap and useful.

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