Sunday, February 24, 2008

This little one is not sick but this is where she fell asleep on the couch with me , who needs stuffed animals when you can have the real thing. We obviously cursed our poor daughter by saying the other day that she has and doesn't get SICK, well she's sick I think strep , so off to the doc clinic as soon as it opens.

I went out early on my own to search for fabric and a side table for my family room to house on a lower shelf the printer. I came across this painting , I love it , "magic exists only in the moment" love that. I left it there.
I went to my favorite shop in the next city , I love it for inspiration, they do the best job at display , and have the nicest everything. This sofette in a beige and cream ticking is exactly what I had in mind for recovering my settee, it was nice to see a good example of what was in my mind.
I found this table in clearance buried under lots of other pieces , I knew it was perfect when I saw it .

But black on very dark floors is lost , so of course I painted it . Pretty .

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