Thursday, February 21, 2008

Help please

Maybe I just need a bookcase for the left side of the room, wouldn't that be off balance.This is a tough one. Ok , so here is a larger overall shot as requested, its a small room, and I started to change things already with painting the gold frame black and switched the small shadow box with a more detailed frame with a beautiful hand blocked wallpaper sample in it. I am quite happy with it right now, it has the balance of black and white, what do you think. That settee is driving me nuts, I can't stand it , so gross, I really need to find the fabric for it...the ciling is so yuck, which is why the next step is to section off the family room area and creat what is ugly into a feature. As you might notice I have moved a side table or two around .

I am looking for some feedback , as you might have noticed I have been struggling with the decor wall items over my settee, it all seemed fine , then I changed the color of my stars which I love now, and I moved some photos around and so today I have come up with this , what do you think , I am using things I already have , I like impact and scale I don't like pidly little things, any advice I would appreciate, normally I go for a big mirror and some sort of sconce with candle light seein as that is on the other sofa wall, I can not repeat. (keep in mind the settee will have a new cover either a solid light color or a cream and beige ticking, still not sure, when I find it I will know) I don't delve much into the fashion world, but I had to show this shirt I picked up at the grocery store , look at the details, and under $20.00 , I love shorter sleeves, and the color is so pop makes me feel good in this blah winter. I will wear it Sunday for the design show, after watching Oprah and admitting that I have turned to the schlumpadinka side I need to step it up.

Now I need a great necklace, oh maybe a purse.

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