Friday, February 15, 2008


Here are two of the new color choices, I am leaning towards the top choice, its "carbonite" by pratt and lambert the other is "bay" , I think a bit to bright bright if you know what I mean. Carbonite is from one of my favorite rooms done by Sarah Ricahrdson. It is much lighter than the current color in the room.
I will likey when the weather improves scrape the ceiling or its awful teture and create a beam between the kitchen and family room , to add some decorative brackets , and so that I can add beadboard to the family room ceiling area, the plan is all in my mind , its beautiful.
I am thinking of some updates, the loveseat needs a new cover so that will be done, but I am thinking of matchstick roman blinds like I have in my master , I think they would be great here, in a dark walnut to match the floors. And the wall color that needs to change , I have to samples I will keep you posted and ask for your opinions.
I am overall I am very happy with my kitchen , I would love new counters and hopefully soon I can make that a priority, but first we desperately need a new stove and fridge, I think that they will bring my kitchen to a new level. But it is a small space , until I put the island in that is, that doubled the working kitchen space, if you have an island just imagine your kitchen without it , we need them in most kitchen's all four sides to use as opposed to a one sided standard counter , not nearly as useful.My kitchen is 13 x 16ft , not a big space, the ajoining space is family room , although I have wonderd what it would be like to have the dining table in that space ,one big kitchen, nah it wouldn't work , it could but the family room is cozy and the alternative would be more like a fish bowl.

I love this intense turquoise , so bold.
But the all white is always so classic, troublesome to keep lower cabinets clean but beautiful.
I love the loftiness of this room , the open shelving the clean and traditional elements.
This is probably the best, I love the island , but not the shiney counter, the coffered ceilings are sublime, its a good mix of modern and traditional. I love the bold use of black , but it would look great with lighter counters as well, there are so many options that are just right for a beautiful kitchen.

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