Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Greatroom

The Greatroom, speaks for itself, I have one , I also have had a home without one, I prefer a joined space, but I also have a seperate living and dining room as well, I don't think I could live with just one living and dining space, there are just times you need some where else to be, therefore I am a fan of the greatroom, but no matter the layout of your house make it beautiful to your tastes, the more beautiful the rooms the more you can tolerate an unfavorable layout. This is a very popular example of a well done greatroom from Something's Gotta Give, beautiful white cabinets , soapstone counters, loads of counterspace, it is a warm lived in kitchen very homey , high ceilings and no separation between living and kitchen space as in columns, or half walls, my preference. It is an overly generous space and is indeed a movie set, so most of us can not have such a large scale room , but this look can be accomplished in a much smaller space, a such as mine which is 12.5 x 28 feet, long and narrow .

Another dream space, high ceiling , loads of character , a good example of separating a space well, your focus is on the details, the kitchen is not very noticable at all , what a great space.
Here is a gorgeous girly , white sparkly space a beach home , a dream space for sure.

A multi purpose space here , islands are very important to distinguish the kitchen and living spaces.
When your rooms are open one to another the details are not to be missed, for instance the appliances in my home need to be upgraded as they are also on display all day long. I have lived with the old ones for 5 years now they are falling apart they are energy wasters, the seal on the oven and freezer are falling off, the fridge freezes things that it clearly is not supposed to do,and they are butt ugly, I have been scouting new pieces for a year now , I have found the perfect replacements , have I pleaded my case?

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