Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wreath making

{I see my wreath needs a little more fussing }
Even though the Christmas season has seemed to be in full gear in these parts as far as outdoor decor and lighting goes , I am one to drag my feet with Christmas decor , I like it , don't get me wrong , but I am in no hurry to get Christmas started and to beat the excitement out of it by starting it all too soon. I figured since I was in need of a new wreath this year that I could easily get started now to the Superstore grocery store I went to see if I could find ornaments that would suit my color preference, easy peasy!

After finding the balls I wanted in shades of lovely blue and silver I shook off the basic wreath which I store in my garage , it was full of saw dust , big shocker ! the next step was to hot glue the top pieces to the unbreakable balls , don't want to loose too many over the season you know {that tip I read on Eddie Ross' blog} , great tip.

I then took green floral wire and attached balls in groups of three , alternating the designs and attached them to the wire frame of the wreath.

The basic wreath I use over and over again , I have never bought a completed wreath I love changing the designs year after year , this wreath must be 14 years old now.

Tubes of unbreakable balls $4.99 a tube , amazing , no?

floral wire and pliers to cut the wire, spring loaded pliers my fave tool, one of my fave tools.

And the perfect wreath hanger for $2.99 also from the grocery store , it has jingle bells and the underside is lined with foam... brilliant.
Well that is it my new wreath , what do you think ? I need to give it a little re-shaping , but I am am always on the go go go to be to worry about perfection, and for those who keep asking , I do sleep a little , probably not enough ...
Thank you all for your lovely comments about my open basement stair makeover and my faux transom project , it is so encouraging to hear your warm and wonderful comments , I appreciate all my friendly readers , and love to know you have stopped by , it warms my heart really it does , I get so many emails and I love to hear from you , so please keep writing , it is always nice to touch base ,
Warmest thanks,


Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

I keep seeing these delightful wreaths - I have to make one. I just must.

a little bit vintage said...

Oh, I love this! Great colors too! My Christmas decor is the same color scheme.


Matthew said...

I have been stalking your blog for months now! I check it everyday!! I also looked at every one of the stair makeovers and yours was by far the most amazing!! I'm loving everything you do! Such inspiration.
An Admirer,
Jessica H. Gilbert, AZ

Kathi said...

Beautiful wreath hanger! I love the colors on your wreath too. Great tips! Thanks for sharing this project!

MARY said...

Hi Chris,
You are so inspiring. I visit your blog every day. I soon hope I will be practicing some of your ideas in my home. I especially like your wall panel details and moulding ideas. I am ready to buy a nailer like yours, on sale locally the day after Thanksgiving. I also want to buy a miter saw, I'm looking now for a quality saw at a bargain price!
My living room is similar to yours, with alot of windows and painted a cocoa brown with white trim. I was thinking of painting inbetween the white trim of the window with more white paint (switching out the brown paint), to make a huge statement of white within the brown. I will send pictures if I do it.
Thanks again for your "creative inspiration".
PS Do you subscribe to "Coastal Living"? It is a magazine I'm sure you would enjoy. They also have a web site

Sharon said...

Chris ... love the wreath. The colours of the balls are Christmasy, but current, and of course suit your home. Very pretty.

I too don't want my Christmas decorations out yet, or I get red and greened out by mid December!!

cousin Deb said...

Your wreath is great as usual! I don't like putting up Christmas decor too early either.


This looks simple enough to make... and fun to! My girls could do a craft like this for their homeschool. At Target I saw some wreaths made from cute sparkly tinsel-like material. Do you think we could put miniture ball ornaments on this with out them weighing it down too much? Thanks for sharing! -April

Vintage Junky said...

Beautiful! I love the color!


Katy said...

Real cute girly!

Janean said...

never seen sleigh bells on the wreath hanger....very clever!!

SweDaisy said...

I have a similar wreath that get's tweaked every year too. I love our SuperStore :)

take care,

P.S. The transom looks great

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Love the blue Chris. I was at Superstore the other night looking at these same ornaments, in blue and silver. When you were there, did you happen to see the large set for $19.97, the ones with about 40 or more smaller balls? Maybe it was more than 40. They came in the plastic lidded tote with the layers of dividers all in place for storage. Neat storage idea. Anyways, I picked it up off the shelf and was I shocked when the lid flew off and the balls started bouncing all across the aisle and under the display shelves. It seemed like there were a hundred then! The lid has latches on each end and one latch was not clicked shut. A nice lady helped me track them all down, we refilled it and as we were putting it back on the shelf, we noticed several other boxes where the latches were not closed. I found a sales person to let them know that maybe they could add some tape to close the handles, and as I went back to the aisle to show her another lady had picked a different tote and several balls popped out and bounced across the floor. Made me feel better! I have to go back and check out the balls again, because I was just way to embarrased to buy them then.

Celia said...

I love your have inspired me to try and make my own wreath this year. Love your blog!