Thursday, February 19, 2009

Making more room

I know I have got to do something about that door bell housing , I will.

I have noticed that since my oldest daughter is growing so tall and is close to as tall as I am , so longer to have her coats grown and I was in need of taller hooks and extra hooks for backpacks, as I hate to see book bags on the floor. Adding another layer of trim and hooks solved the issue.

Most of the supplies I found in the basement as scraps from other projects.

I was faced with developing a new style for the upper portion as the light switch was in an awkward spot, which also made me think it was better to put in a white switch cover to ensure it blends in better , the photo makes it look very grey but it blends quite nicely.


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

It looks great!

Bonnie said...

This inspires me to do something with my back entry. All of the rest of my house has a picture rail or some sort of demarcation line via paint.

I am really coveting those hooks.

julie said...

Chris! I just love your wall paneling! I want it in my house but am chicken! I have an area that I am not sure how to do it! Would you be willing to help with it? Please! Julie email:

Wendi said...

Hi Chris,
I am very new to your blog and one day would love to read all the archives. (By the fire on a lazy rainy day with a cup of coffee - sounds PERFECT! - but that ain't gonna happen soon) You have such a beautiful home and do amazing projects. I have to ask: do you do all the work yourself? Power srewdrivers, circular saws, sanders? I would love to learn how to do all that. I have trouble even hanging shelves and my husband is very hesitant when it comes to his power tools. He likes them. They work. They work perfect. I tend to break things. Computers, lawn mowers, the like. It gives him job stability. Anyway, sorry for the tangent, but back to my original question: Do you really do it all?

Chris said...

Wendi , thanks for stopping by ,
Yes I do all the work by my self , power tools and all .

Julia said...

Your blog is fantastic and this is the best post I have read yet -- because it is EXACTLY what I was hoping to accomplish in the foyer of my brand-new, trim-free house. I love the wall colour, I love your use of trim, and I do believe we have the same "pretty" boot tray from Canadian Tire. Most excellent!

Bettsi said...

Wow, this is great! I am in love with this entry! I haven't posted in my blog for a long time, but I have to do a post about this! Great job!